Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns

 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning - LRFFXIII
Several hundred years have passed since she fell into a deep slumber. The world, diseased by Chaos, is on the brink of destruction. The people, hopeless and full of despair, stand by hopelessly and watch the horror unfold in front of their eyes. As the end draws near, she awakens. She is Lightning, humanity's last hope.
As the chosen one, Lightning battles her way through the final 13 days in an attempt to save humanity and accomplish her ultimate goal.
—Online Description

Lightning will have a number of different costumes. Her default outfit, Equilibrium, is similar to what she wore in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Twilight Lotus shield on her left arm and her Crimson Blade, similar to Noel's Flame Fossil dual swords, in homage to her Eidolon Odin. The game's logo appears on her outfit a number of times: on her chest, her sword and her shield. Director Motomu Toriyama revealed in an interview at the Tokyo Premium Event that in one of her outfits, a l'Cie "scar" is visible on her chest.

Other outfits include the Dark Muse outfit that gives Lightning a camouflage jacket and a miniskirt, the Dust and Shadow costume that resembles a samurai armor, the L'Ange Noir costume which is reminiscent of a magician's dress, and the Sorceress costume which has Lightning wearing a two-piece top with a long skirt and white heels.In the Dark Muse costume, Lightning has tattoos on her body. One tattoo is of a horse and located just above her waist, and she has a bar-code present on her thigh, located under an intricate tribal pattern.

Lightning has become cold and distant, most of her emotions sapped from her (although her memories remain intact). Her wish to save Serah remains, reinforced by the culpability she feels for her sister's death, and she still shows concern for her former allies. She resents Bhunivelze for his use of her situation to his advantage.


FFXIII-Lightning CG
Ekurēru Faron
Age20, 21 (Episode Zero -Promise-)
21* (Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIII-2Lightning Returns)
521* (Lightning Returns)
WeaponBlazefire Saber gunblade (Final Fantasy XIII)
Overture (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
Crimson Blitz (Lightning Returns)
Ultimate WeaponOmega Weapon
Height5' 7" (171 cm)
HomeBodhumValhallaNova Chrysalia
Crystarium ColorPink
Primary RolesCommandoRavagerMedic
Exclusive SkillArmy of OneLegion of One
Japanese Voice actor(s)Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice actor(s)Ali Hillis

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 Snow Villiers

 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

LRFFXIII Snow Villiers
A one-time ally of Lightning, Snow was engaged to her sister, Serah. Now he is the world's last remaining l'Cie, cursed with a terrible power.
Though devastated by his failure to protect Serah, he has served as the Patron of Yusnaan for five long centuries. He protects the city and its people even as the rest of the world falls apart.
—Online Description

Snow has straight, layered, shoulder-length hair and a short beard. He wears a formal all-black suit. He wields a giant pole encased in ice to convey his change into a harsh and serious character. The l'Cie brand he had in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is in the same place, now hidden by his sleeve and advanced to its thirteenth stage, though it sometimes glows through his clothing. The only elements that have remained from his look in the previous games are his gloves, engagement pendant, and boots (albeit the latter are a darker color). When he transforms into a half-Cie'th his eyes turn red, his left arm is encased in ice or crystal, and the skin leading up from that arm turns black.

Though his desire to protect people remains, Snow has become the polar opposite of his former self: dark, jaded, brooding, and depressed. He speaks like a "broken man", and harbors the regret of failing to save Serah, locking himself away in his palace and reveling more in the city's nightlife as opposed to his duties as patron, gaining him the title of "Lord of the feasthall".During an interview, it was stated that despite his darkened attitude, Snow is still a good person, caring for the people of Yusnaan, as opposed to the more villainous Don Corneo from Final Fantasy VII.Snow appears to be either closely linked to or heavily infected by Chaos, causing him to gain the power of a Cie'th.


Snow Villiers
RōmajiSunou Viriāsu
Age21 (Final Fantasy XIII)
23 (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
523 (Lightning Returns)
WeaponWild Bear (Coat Emblem)
Death Herald (Lightning Returns)
Ultimate WeaponSave the Queen
EidolonShiva Sisters
Height6' 7" (200 cm)
HomeBodhumNew Bodhum;Yusnaan
Crystarium ColorBlue
Primary RolesCommandoRavagerSentinel
Exclusive SkillSovereign Fist
Japanese Voice actor(s)Daisuke Ono
English Voice actor(s)Troy Baker

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